The top 10 reasons why now is the best time to buy a home  

1. Bargain prices- due to foreclosures and market saturation, a record number of homes are being sold at below market prices

2. Low interest rates- In spite of inflationary pressures, interest rates are still attractive

3. Tax credit- President Bush just signed into law a tax credit of up to $7500 for first time buyers *

4. Down payment assistance programs dissappear soon- As of October 1, seller paid down payment assistance programs will go away.  After October 1, you may need a big down payment in some areas.

5. Wealth accumulation- home ownership is linked to being wealthier.  Getting a great deal on a home can increase your net worth by thousands with very little out of pocket expense

6. Quality of life- homeowners surveyed are more  satisfied with their quality of life, healthier, and tend to be wealthier than renters

7. Low cost to own- low rates, bargain prices, and tax savings combine to make owning less expensive than ever as compared to renting

8. Tax savings every year- home owners pay less in taxes than renters on average because of the interest, mortgage insurance, and property tax deductions on both federal and state taxes

9. Easier than ever- streamlined loan applications and computer underwriting make getting a loan faster and easier than ever

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