Getting Pre-Approved

It is necessary in today’s market to get a pre-approval letter before you go to look for your new home. 

Why is this important?

We Can Pre-Approve You

Our mortgage professionals will help you find out how much of a loan and monthly mortgage payment amount you are able to afford.  We achieve this by considering you income and debts, your employment and housing circumstances, your funds available for a down payment and your credit history.  If you are self-employed we ask for a minimum amount of paperwork before we can complete this process.

We can send a Pre-Approval letter to a real estate agent of your choice and you can begin shopping for your dream home.  We can also recommend an agent if you are not already working with one.

Buying Power

With your Pre-Approval letter, a number of advantages fall at your feet when you locate the home you want.  The first is that you can be sure what you’ll be able to afford when putting together your offer.  Having a pre-approval is essential to the home seller, they will not even consider your offer without it. 


You can learn about your many options when you give us a call and tell us about your specific needs.  We have partnered with many different lenders that have a variety of programs and we know which one will fit your need.  No loan is the same. We love taking all the puzzle pieces and fitting them together to make the picture of you and your new home.

Click on the link below and answer a few questions about yourself to get started.  We will get back to you by the next business day.  You can call us with any questions you may have.

Contact a loan officer to get pre-approved today!